UK music producer Radio Wolf soars high into the sky above with the ‘Night Light’

Bringing us into a new planet that is crammed with so much to see if you know how to look inside, Radio Wolf is rather remarkable on his latest single to amaze inside the ‘Night Light‘.

Radio Wolf is a UK-based retro rock-electro artist, composer and music producer who makes futuristic tracks that will get you into a dreamy state of mind and are usually packed with punchy beats.

Working alone late into the night, wherever I am, is a time of intense concentration for me—my imagination can shine freely. I’m able to invoke a bright stream of images, stories, sensations which inspire a particular piece of music—even in those magic moments between wakefulness and sleep. I absorb it all and “score” in free-flow to what I call my “cinema of the mind.” ~ Radio Wolf

Radio Wolf dazzles beyond what we thought was possible with a cinematic stunner that grabs your attention and spans the globe with a really creative track to truly embrace with love and intrigue.

The predominately electronic music is accented by detuned synthesizers, reverberating electric guitar riffs and experimental SFX, including strange radio tunings, old tape static and wind chimes drifting in and out of each other.” ~ Radio Wolf

Night Light‘ from UK-based retro rock-electro artist, composer and music producer Radio Wolf sends a shiver of electricity down your uncovered spine with a simply thunderous display of anthem-sounding proportions. There is so much to like about a track that has the natural ability to send you soaring up above the cosy clouds above, with your arms gliding rather calmly as you find that place you wish to be.

Keeping that light on when there is so much darkness, is always a smart strategy.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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