UK-based Lo-fi visionary Confidential drops transcendent single, ‘Lost Identity’

Gliding calmly with an instrumental message that needs to be heard far and wide, Confidential is courageously illuminated on his latest single about turning on your inner torch and never letting go with, ‘Lost Identity‘.

George Wakerley aka Confidential is a prolific UK-based Lo-fi Hip hop artist who lets us into his world that has him fighting with depression and raising awareness of mental health.

I’m not really looking to impress anybody other than myself. I make the music that I want to listen to and I think being authentic is the greatest thing you can do as an artist and as a human being.” ~ Confidential

Bringing the world something so beautiful and meaningful on the gem that is ‘Lost Identity‘, Confidential might be one of the most important voices in the Lo-fi music scene globally due to his inspiringly honest demeanour and all-around top-class beats. You feel like you are in a kinder place that is urging you to keep your consciousness alive, as you look for something real in a world that can take your treasured soul away if you don’t look after it.

Lost Identity‘ from UK-based Lo-fi Hip hop artist Confidential, is a superb single that you will find yourself putting on repeat without even doubting your decision. This is a self-enlightened musician in his prime – who has shown the way to keep your mind in the right place – while following that passion and never stopping to overthink your decisions on this temptation-packed planet waiting for you to fall.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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