Tyra – Perfection: Intensely Soulful, Delicately Artful Alt Pop


Up and coming Pop artist Tyra has recently released her fourth single “Perfection”. By channelling the soul of Macy Gray into an experimentally artful soundscape which offered reminiscences to Kate Bush, Tyra created an evocatively unforgettable hit.

The way in which Tyra’s polished high notes weave through the lush amount of reverb poured into the soundscape is like nothing we’ve heard before. And Tyra’s originality only matches her talent.

Even though Perfection is an incredibly delicate single, there isn’t a hint of vulnerability within Tyra’s performance. Instead, you’ll find boldness in her unflinchingly soulful vocals. And through the instrumentals, you’ll get all the restorative catharsis which you could possibly ask for.

You can check out Tyra’s single Perfection for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.

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