A&R Factory Interview: Jason Davis

Jason Davis has been an entertainment industry executive since 1999. His broad range of titles includes award-winning songwriter, award-winning author, A&R executive, entertainment consultant, executive TV producer and former Senior Vice President of Dolly Parton’s Management Company. He is the founder of multinational entertainment corporation One One 7. We had the pleasure of asking him a few questions him last week.

1.  What was your first job in the entertainment industry and how did that mould you in to who you are today?

In the beginning of 1999 I broke into the music industry as a songwriter, writing on several major label albums that year. With being a songwriter I learned a lot about publishing, radio airplay, how to get paid as a songwriter and how to negotiate in the industry.

2. What advice would you give to any unsigned musician looking to break into the music industry.

Being surrounded by the right people is one of the most important aspects of being a new artist. As a new artist they should work with current and established songwriters and producers. Another very important aspect they should know is to hold out for great whether that is with the people they work with or the quality of what they are producing and don’t settle for good.

3. What websites/tools would you advise unsigned artists to use to help with promotion.

The typical social media including Soundcloud, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are all very good to promote music as well as communicate with fans.

4. What is the one key thing you look out for when signing an artist.

The number one thing I look for is how coachable an artist is. In this business it’s really 20 percent talent and the other 80 percent is the passion to work on the craft, so with that being said being coachable is the most important thing.

5. What is the future of A&R

I think it is really what it has always been which is having the right songwriter and producer relationships, a great ear for songs and finding artists that understand the business.

6. What are the next plans to expand one one 7

We have started signing on and finding more actors that have great track records of being in successful movies which is something we are very excited about. Also growing our record label Awaken Records.

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