TYPE 4 – Look Back and Laugh: The Golden Age of Hip Hop Lives On

Nearly a quarter of a million people have already tuned into TYPE 4’s ingenious take on Hip Hop with “Look Back and Laugh” which was released in February 2019. If you count yourself as a fan of the Golden Age of Hip Hop, you’re already overdue discovering the sun-soaked, lyrically playful soundscape.

When you consider the fact TYPE 4 have been going strong since 1990 and the 4 Bostonians are undoubtedly still going strong, it really is no surprise that so many people have the inclination to experience their contemporarily authentic Hip Hop.

The stylistic maturity is palpable from the first verse, and the daring unwillingness to take Hip Hop right back to its roots and still find time to squeeze in elements of reggae is incredibly refreshing. While many Hip Hop artists have tried their hardest to evolve their style to keep up with emerging artists, TYPE 4 knew they didn’t have to change a thing with Look Back and Laugh.

You can check out TYPE 4’s latest single for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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