Tyler Meacham – ‘Denver’

Tyler Meacham’s ‘Denver’ is country alt-pop at its best. Hailing from Richmond, VA, Meacham creates folk-infused music that transports you to another time that’s drenched in sepia.

‘Denver’ begins with a delicate chord progression that immediately begins to paint the backdrop for the tender subject matter: a story of lost love. As the wistful lyrics come to play, we realise that Meacham is singing about a past relationship and the “what ifs” that permeate her wandering mind. Following Meacham’s regretful tone within the vocal is a collection of country-style keys. A flowing, smooth slide guitar then soars in to join the aforementioned sounds; it’s these aural components working together seamlessly that conjure the nostalgic atmosphere of the song most powerfully.

The soft sounds ebb into the first chorus. But suddenly, the drums pound in – courtesy of Dusty Ray – taking the song to the next level. This expansive sound kicks the second verse up a notch as the full band come to the fore. Meacham’s voice becomes more potent in the next chorus. The band take a step back and her voice hits those expressive notes that reflect the emotive nature of the song. Then, we’re treated to a holistic, engaging instrumental where the lead guitar takes centre stage.

The final chorus takes us back to the calm, serene vocal as ‘Denver’ draws to a close. But that’s not before we crash back into one last, loud section before the quiet, peaceful acoustic guitar returns, coming full circle as Meacham’s impassioned vocal rings out true.

Review by Alicia Carpenter

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