TyC is excited to premiere his second single Get To Know Ya Feat. Nerose

In genres where beat-making is so strongly emphasized, it can sometimes be antithetical how homogenous the available beats are. So many drums sound the same and so many arrangements are made just like so many others. For anyone with fatigue towards generic beats, TyC has a new track just for you. Get To Know Ya is an invitation to get to know what music could be like if artists were willing to take more chances on current trends.

From the ground up, this track is unique. For starters, the percussion section is varied and never seems content to fall into a simple loop. Dancing above are samples that are inspiringly designed and masterfully mixed to make sure that an active listener has the option of getting lost while traversing the densely-layered mix. Luckily, we’ve got dual vocals that can lead you through vocoded lines and a myriad of melodic instruments in a playful and inviting manner.

The mood of this track isn’t as easy to grasp as one might think. The vibes definitely are positive and it’s easy to say it feels happy, but the word eager might be more appropriate. This song may not have enough low end to make a club bump, but it certainly has the mood you want to feel between dancing. Picture that person on the dancefloor. You can’t take your eyes off them. They smile back. You want to…well, get to know them.

-Paul Weyer

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