Txx A Hunnit brings it for the track “Blood In My Eyes”

With drive, a hunger, and some pain thrown in, Txx A Hunnit brings it for the track “Blood In My Eyes”. Hip-hop with an unstoppable beat that flows throughout and a chorus you’ll be singing along to by the end, “I see red, I’ve got blood all in my eyes”.

Fired-up from the first sentence Txx A Hunnit doesn’t stop, with bars on bars and a flow that hits hard, whilst the addicting chorus slows it right down keeping the melody intact. This is one track that will not only be remembered by every listener but will be played a lot more than once.

Click here to listen on SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/selo-i-am-txx-a-hunnit/blood-in-my-eyes

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