Two of Us have dropped their Melodic Indie Pop earworm “Always Attracted to the Wrong Kind of Girls”

Finnish Pop Rock trailblazers Two of Us blessed the airwaves with their energetically melodic Indie Rock hit “Always Attracted to the Wrong Kind of Girls”. We can’t help but be endeared by the stadium-filling sound and the playful charisma offered in this deeply relatable track. It’s got earworm written all over it.

You can hear the fourpiece’s hunger in each component in the track. The viscerally electrifying vocals, the way the growls of the bass lock into the rhythmically galvanizing drum beats, and of course, the soaring solos which bring a dizzying amount of depth to this high-octane hit. It’s enough to make you feel 16 again. Unless, of course, you’re already 16. Then you should probably heed the warning that you’ll probably have a fair few disastrous relationships ahead of you.

You can check out Always Attracted to the Wrong Kind of Girls for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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