TRVP T’s Salaciously Fresh New Trap Mix

TRVP T is an emerging Trap artist that didn’t find it too hard to catch our attention. His captivatingly up-vibe new Hip Hop mix ‘Ass Phat’ dropped in June 2018, we weren’t all that prepared for the infectiously anthemic mix he lay down as he simultaneously blew most other urban artists out the water.

TRVP T may not be a household name yet, but with such a feverous offering of talent, it’s hard not to get excited by his salacious new track. The only issue I would have with the track is within the production, whilst the flow of the tack is sensationally seamless for the most part, the shift in pitches in the hooks didn’t quite make too much sense. But I have no doubt that this is only the beginning for TRVP T and his monumental style.

You can check Ass Phat along with the rest of TRVP T’s fresh new drops out on Soundcloud now. To keep up to date with the Greenville US, based new drops head on over to Facebook and give the sensationally original artist a like.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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