True Tranquility: Abandon the Fall guide us to the all-embracing light on ‘Dipper’

Bringing us another sweetly-toothed gem to put under the pillow at night, Abandon the Fall return with another deliciously presented single to munch on delightfully that is off the brand new EP titled ‘In Bloom‘, with the new track called ‘Dipper‘.

Abandon the Fall is a Juan Espinoza-formed indie pop/alt-rock project based in Houston which showcases this extremely skilled artist to open up his wizardry behind the scenes as he makes such serene quality at every turn.

With a lip-licking taste that opens up your dry throat to the next gulp of that tasty juice filled with memorable music, this is an instrumental track to truly feel lifted by. The air seems enlightened as we pack our bags and climb heartily onto the peaceful train, that seems to guide us to where that smile beams the brightest.

Dipper‘ from the excellent Houston, Texas-based indie music producer and rock/pop artist Abandon the Fall, leads us into a world of true intentions and a bright light that will only bring you true happiness. With some incredibly crisp solos and a dash of riveting rock to satisfy your salivated senses – this is a wondrous effort full of that scintillating quality – you just want to jump into like a refreshing lake in the summer time.

Dipping your whole body in to find your passion again, is the best way to stay alive.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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