“Trojan” Invades Your Speakers

Osei is an artist who’s new to me. I was passed his song “Trojan,” which I think is about as great of an introduction to the artist as I can imagine. He’s a rather apt performer and writer as is evidenced by his seven tracks available on Spotify. That being said, let’s dive into “Trojan” below.

The thick pad-chords create a density that the lead synth miraculously cuts right through. Drum-wise things are pretty straight-forward which has an almost ambient feel. Don’t get me wrong, the rhythm swings but for the most part, the movement coming from the track has mostly to do with Osei’s singing. The harmony of the pads becomes quite hidden amidst the booming bass drum which gives the feeling of an Eastern drone (something that can make me a fan). Osei’s voice is pleasantly high – he’s got a very gentle/mild sound, it goes through the song in a sophisticated silky line from the beginning to the end.

As if this wasn’t enough to sell you on the track, to boot, he’s got a very amusing Instagram featuring photos of him recording, a few performance antics, and even one stylish pic with a lingerie-clad young lady in the back (which I can’t-or wont-complain about). It’s good to see one of these lads with a sense of humour.

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