Tristan Winchester releases Falling for you: RnB and Rap and it’s finest

Tristan Winchester has released his latest track ‘Falling for you’, Hip-Hop and RnB combine together to make this short yet sweet piece.

Starting off with the soft guitar riff adding in that pounding drum beat and catchy melody. Tristan speaks his mind throughout his lyrics, he speaks about topics that many can relate too, riding with this pure emotion pouring through in his mellow vocals. Telling a story through his lyrical approach adding in an insane beat.

With Rap it’s a genre where words really come through in such a special way, when you can hear the story someone is wanting to tell through a Rap style, it definitely creates a whole new atmosphere.

Tristan has created a single that shines a light on a topic that many can relate too, he tells a truthful story and makes it into an up-beat piece of music.

Listen to Tristan Winchesters recent single Falling by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Karley Myall

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