Trippy and striking: ‘Evidence’ from Miss Terious who is the rap game’s new kid on the block

Trippy and striking: ‘Evidence‘ from Miss Terious is the brand new song from this wildly intriguing and fascinating rapper who strolls into our ears on this awesome journey.

Miss Terious is a British born female rapper from the West Midlands. This is a part of her debut and she enters the UK rap scene with a unique mix of electronic and classical instruments for her alternative rap album. Speaking both English and Japanese, Miss Terious discusses topics such as abuse, mental health, and her separation with the ballet industry. With such a creative upbringing, you can see the skills on this fine young performer.

Evidence‘ from Miss Terious is a striking song, the sounds pierces your ears like you want music to. Her music is like none other, the uniqueness is bold, creative and exactly what the music scene needs. You feel like you are in a different place, your heart beats a bit faster as her vocals blow you away. She is a name to watch and will surely go from strength to strength, her talent is limitless, just like the movie. This is a UK artist who has just stepped up and wants us to take notice. Miss Terious is one of the most fascinating artists out there whose music, truly heals and makes you think.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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