TrigaFTW Track ‘P**N’ Is Colorful & Well Produced

While there’s nothing like a standard, pop-structured track to get me into a mood, it’s the songs that fight for unique approaches that tend to grab the attention of those who wish to listen more actively. TrigaFTW could easily drop two verses and a bridge surrounded by endless repetition of chorus hooks. He could even do a good job of it. But for the track P**n, we’re treated to the artist taking things in a different direction.

P**n starts with an intro that is notably longer than most hip hop tracks will allow, but this establishes the mood and lets the instrumentals have their moment of build-up before TrigaFTW breaks through the mix with confident delivery and affected vocals that blend seamlessly with their pulsating sonic environment. There’s a quality to the track that’s hard to pin down, it embraces simplicity and a less-is-more approach but each element used is one step removed from a dry, expected pattern. This song is colorful and well produced. More importantly, it embraces its odd nature and owns itself in presentation.

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