Treyeful x Esther Rowena Louise – A Different Her

Pop producer Treyeful has followed on from the success of his 2020 EP, ‘Neon Green’,  by collaborating with vocalist Esther Rowena Louise, whose vocals breathed plenty of multifaceted soul into the production.

It’s the aural equivalent to a page-turner as the progressive track evolves through the ebbs, flows, crescendos and breakdowns, steadily increasing the adrenaline. When the track hits its energetic peak, you’ll remember the haunting echo of Esther Rowena Louise’s melancholic harmonies from the intro while simultaneously being arrested by her ability to command such resilient ferocity through her dynamic vocal range..

Outside of soundscapes, it may take longer than 5:46-minutes to weather storms and come out on the other side, but it’s a stunning reminder that the clouds have to move eventually, and when they do, everything will be brighter. A Different Heart may sting for anyone with raw romantic wounds initially, but by the outro, you might find that the entrancing dance-pop track has put yours back together – or at least implanted a little bit of optimism.

A Different Her is now available to stream via Spotify. Keep up to date with Treyeful’s latest releases via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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