Treva and the Mojos release relevantly single “In the Ditch”

With Italian roots and currently in majestic Melbourne, Australia. You will want to turn up Treva and the Mojos real loud. The distorted sound at the beginning reminds me of a Radiohead song and then the vocals hit right in the stomach.

The band created this indie pop track back in 2012 and released it only now to inspire as it felt relevant and real during these times of COVD-19.

This is a band forging their own path and doing it their way. “In the Ditch” is all about getting ourselves out of that ditch and struggling to make it happen due to all the ugliness out there. I’m so inspired by this track as it’s so real. Millions have hidden away and might never emerge again as they are too scared to come out. It’s so important not to lose your mind right now and stay strong for whoever you care about in the world. Keeping your eyes open and looking to the stars for inspiration is the only way to survive and for our souls to be saved. This is a band with a massive future and their realness is for all to see and their music so stunningly crafted with love.

Stream this soulful band right here on their Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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