Toronto Nu-Metal band Under Stolen Skies release solidarity single called ”Kill Corrupt”

This is a group that is fed up with all the nonsense around us in the world. They rage through the machine style and rock the speakers until they are smoking with anger. This is music that inspires and would make an awesome movie soundtrack. This is the follow up track to ”State Of I’‘ which was reviewed in April by Amelia Vandergast.

Canadian act Under Stolen Skies needed a way to tackle the frustrations towards the corrupt systems that regulates their society and feel that things are way to cruel and unjust right now. A brave stance indeed and one that must be applauded. They are fed up and taking a stand with such a powerful song.

Nu Metal punk rockers Under Stolen Skies sing and rap their way into our sights with a powerful political statement that fits 2020 like a tight glove. ”Kill Corrupt” urges the world to open up their eyes to not be complacent anymore and stop all the wrongs that are happening right now. We live in a crazy world and this smashing track is all about being unified. That is the only way to make this beautiful planet better again.

Stream this angry Punk-Metal band right here on their Spotify page to hear more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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