Too Caught Up: South London’s FERNE drops breakup-fueled single all about ‘Louisa’

As she endeavours to quickly forget the past and cleans out the kitchen cupboard to get rid of anything left behind by her foolish cheating ex, FERNE guides us into this emotionally-charged story that will have you leaning closer to hear each word with ‘Louisa‘.

Jordan Blythe Nelson aka FERNE is a Philadelphia-born, Southwest London, UK-based indie alt-pop solo musician and University student.

FERNE started her music career when she moved to London in 2019 to study music technology at university. She was discovered at the regional finals of an open mic competition in London where she was signed to an artist development program and has been creating ever since.” ~ FERNE

After her promising 4-track EP called ‘Dreams‘ from 2019, you immediately sense the massive growth from an artist who seems to be elevating her game after a brief hiatus to evolve her sound and to work on her studies.

With sincere vocals and beautifully-crafted lyrics that have you feeling so captivated by her vividly projected picture, FERNE is so honest on this incredible single that will take you into a highly contemplative place.

Louisa‘ from the youthful Southwest London-based indie alt-pop artist FERNE, is such a tremendous new single from a delightful musician who sings from the heart. She tells us the true story that threatened to derail her life and cause her to lose confidence – as she shows so much strength – to only be with those who will truly care for her valuable heart as she ultimately deserves.

Listen to this excellent new single on Spotify and see more on her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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