Tomohito – Stuntin: Rapid Fire Rhythmic Rap

Stuntin is the latest drop from Tomohito the resounding up & coming Hip Hop artist who teamed up with CashMoneyAP and Homage Beats to cook up this hot drop.

I love the fact that Tomohito has infused a bit of Nerdcore into his aesthetic however, like many Hip Hop Rap artists who create music to appeal to the geekily inclined there’s no crass cheesiness. Tomohito sticks to the classic Hip Hop Rap styling. Whilst some of the lyrics are lost in the delivery, you can almost forgive the rapid fire in awe of his unstoppable flow. I wasn’t entirely sure what Tomohito was trying to portray through the lyrics, as they started to feel like a narrative of his daily routine. That said, with a more mindful approach to his sound, there’s no reason why the St. Augustine US based artist can’t move on to drop some lyrics that hit you as hard as the beat and the delivery. In Tomohito’s other tracks such as Life which was released March 2018, he gives a hint to his adorable vulnerability through the lyrics and the rap delivery. The world is already swamped with self-aggrandized rappers, I just hope Tomohito sticks to his roots.

Check out Tomohito’s latest drop on YouTube

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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