Tommy-G – Mr. Popular : 50 shades of Truism

I’ve never listened to something so beautiful like this in a long while.

If you’ve  neither heard silence ring out so loud like a bell nor unaware of what the silent sound of depression can cause, then you need to take a cue from Tommy-G’s “Mr. Popular”.

Everything comes with a price, even being famous and popular can sometimes be a bane. This track reveals quite a lot about the price of being famous in a blunt and a radical way.

The song started off with the morning drive show with Kanye being artist that was been interviewed on the radio show.  Yeah as you all know, Mr. Kanye’s got his own drama at times but this song indeed proved that truly  there are three sides to every story.  This song taught me that sometimes, being dramatic and tactfull is a good charade and tactics that’s capable of preventing oneself against the preying eyes and uproar of the crowd.

There are plethora of deep quotes and lines in this song that can really get you thinking “‘cos as a rapper you are still losing even when you’re winning” .  It’s been a while I come across this kind of songs and I’m so damn glad that I found this song.

Tommy-G is a very talented rapper who has all it takes to become the the next most revered hop hop artist in the industry. He’s got the raw talent, the witty attitude, the creative imagination of breathing forth to life, something spectacular and amazing. I so much enjoyed his style of rap and choice of word. Tommy-G might be the next Eminem we’ve all being desperate to discover.

The flow of this song is awesome, the rapper graciously took on a journey with this song and revealed many things about the price of being famous and popular.

TOMMY-G IS A RAPPER WITH A DIFFERENCE. Y’all should go check out this song. It’s worth been added to your G.O.A.T music collection.


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