Tom Taylor has released Bedroom Club

Tom Taylor has released his single ‘Bedroom Club’ keeping that steady flow, insane melody through this Rap and Hip-Hop track.

Keeping the melody coming through with a bang, this insanely energetic melody flows throughout as the beat tends to cut through the vocals. Making sure to have that same upbeat melody playing every second. Having that fairly slow pace to the beat but the vocals give it that real fast-paced flow.

The lyrics that come through tell this story, as the Rap verses come in and continue to keep it at that high-speed. Letting the Rap flow as the beat bounces off it, each word can be clearly heard even if the pace can tend to be a bit quick to keep up with.

Each element that is added combines together well and the overall finished piece is one that shows how much work went into it.

Check out Tom Taylor’s Bedroom Club by heading on over to here now.

Review by Karley Myall

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