Toast – Vibes: An Infectious mix of Indie Hype & Urban High Vibe Beats

Toronto based Hip Hop Rap artist Toast dropped his latest track Vibes on 9th Feb, 2018 and it’s an infectious mix of high vibe energy and Indie hype that’s guaranteed to get you pumped. The up and coming artist may have a lot of competition when it comes to the Trap scene, but his exclusive flavour is something that’s impossible to ignore. He deserves all the respect in the world for creating such synergy through his sound which are centred around his passion for encouraging and inspiring his listeners through his Soulfully Jazzy melodies which bring Rap music into a whole new arena.

I’m a little in awe of Toast’s elemental style which perfectly compliments his alluring persona which makes this track an absolute pleasure to listen to. I have no doubt that the unsigned Indie artist will get snapped up for his inspiring music that resonates so deeply his energy is palpable.

Check out Vibes on SoundCloud using the link below:

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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