Tired Of The Games: Sensational Anguilla singer Zipporah moves on from toxic waters with ‘Pull Up’

With an enticing Caribbean flavor that tastes so tantalizingly pure and supremely good, Zipporah dreams of what she intended her life to really be about on the hot new single called ‘Pull Up‘.

Zipporah is a fully focused and extremely talented London-born, Anguilla-raised and Manchester-based Dancehall and RnB indie singer-songwriter. She sweetly makes real music with a honey coated voice of wonder that deliciously lathers a welcoming wrap of goodness, for your happy soul to enjoy and never ever forget.

It’s crazy how common emotional abuse is today, and yet how afraid we are to talk about it. While it is not as evident as physical abuse, its scars are just as traumatic. I wanted to draw attention to the feelings experienced when in an emotionally abusive relationship, particularly the feeling of being torn about ending the relationship. This song is about gaining the courage to demand better for yourself. Being able to understand that a problem exists and if it isn’t rectified, you’re not going to settle. You deserve not only happiness but peace of mind”. – Zipporah

She has a rare ability to have you kindly enthralled into her stunning vocals, as her honest storytelling has you so intrigued as this music video shows you her terrific dance moves too. You feel a freshness while listening to this emerging artist who bring the vibe on a telling story, that has you wondering if you are indeed doing what you were destined to do.

Pull Up‘ from the wonderfully authentic UK/Anguilla RnB/Dancehall singer-songwriter Zipporah, shows us the true story of having the inner determination and courage, to do what you know you need to. Your wings need to open up again to fly without being held back — as to be truly free and gaining wisdom and strength — you can’t be tied up by shady forces that only want to treacherously manipulate and hold you down, for their own selfish gains.

Life should be about being super happy and following your visualized dreams after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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