Tiny Tree’s new album ‘Embolism’ is going to be a crazy journey of post rock

Tiny Tree

If you’re into some chaotic, heavy, post rock madness then the new album ‘‘Embolism’’ by Muskegon-based band Tiny Tree will be one to check out, you’ll be able to listen to the release on April 1st.

Listening to the final track on the anthology Drowning it’s one that summarises the duo and what they’re all about perfectly. Even though it is six minutes long, which to some may seem a bit too much, every part of the song has its own special element.

The electrifying guitar riffs and thunderous drum beats illuminate the background as the vocals begin to cut through. With the gut-wrenching screams from vocalist Addison Eilers, alongside the manic instrumentals from Paul Jensen, the two together blend together in a superb way.

Giving of that aggressive tone, the vocal ranges stay similar throughout until the breakdowns hit and the heaviness collides. This collection is going to be one for those who love a bit of loud post rock, it’ll be the one to have on repeat.

Be sure to check out Tiny Tree’s new album when it releases, you won’t want to give this one a miss.

You can check out the album by heading over to their bandcamp on April 1st.

Review by Karley Myall

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