Time To Move On: Chanel Young ends the games played on her with ‘Better Than Me’

As her sweet soul starts to heal from the narcissistic energies that have flooded her heart from a previously toxic relationship, Chanel Young releases all of the tension built up with ‘Better Than Me‘.

Chanel Young is an emerging Houston, Texas-based neo-soul/indie pop singer-songwriter, with an effortless vocal gift that simmers into your consciousness, with an uplifting but thoughtful feel of wondrous beauty.

”From early on, she has had quite a diverse-centric background between the back and forth of living in both Houston and Montreal and coming from two culturally different environments, so she was always exposed to various musical stylings both from her parents, and her surroundings.”- Chanel Young

Her voice brings you into her eyes, as she feels that they have taken too much without adding value into your life. With a stunning pitch, you feel warm but sad all at the same time – as she moves the table around to suit herself – realizing that they don’t actually deserve her kindness.

Better Than Me‘ from the deeply thoughtful Texas-based singer-songwriter Chanel Young, is a lesson to us all who are in or have experienced those harsh relationships where one person uses you, to get what they want when they are lonely. The heart will soon start to feel weak if you are exposed to this for too long, so moving on and flying free again, is the only way to fulfill your true romantic desires.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and head through to IG to get more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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