Tian’s “I Got” Is A Breezy Hip Hop Track!


Tian’s, “I Got,” is a breezy hip hop track that borders into the pop world with dope instrumentation and cleverly placed punchlines. His delivery conveys confidence pretty much throughout the entire song. Tian’s singer/rapper style is by far one of the most impressive I’ve heard in some time. When he swings from illicit bars to buttery smooth singing on this track it’s organic and effortless, like he is doing whatever makes the most sense at any moment.

Musically the track is very specific to Tian’s sound, is not exactly hard-core but again not exactly pop; it just good music, no gimmicks, with an amazing sound. Tian’s not just a rapper or singer he structures a solid performance over the rich instrumentation. Solid track, filled with originality. Definitely worth a listen.

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