Tiani – Dreamstate Pop With Mass Appeal

The fact that Tiani has called Croatia, Italy and The US home at various points comes as no surprise when you listen to Surrender. It’s a smooth blend of soulful pop and chilled EDM but you also hear a mercurial blend of eastern spice, Mediterranean warmth and slick western production that can only come from someone who has crossed cultures as easily as her music crosses genres.

Surrender is a deft piece of hazy, modern dreamstate pop, one that takes in commerciality and something more brimming with integrity and imagination and it isn’t hard to see her having a great future on the basis of such songs. Pop is a wide and ever changing landscape an umbrella wide enough to encompass many styles but it is with artists such as Tiani that its future seems most secure. Anyone can follow the rules and do “more of the same” but it takes a true visionary to create something new and start writing the next chapter of pop history.

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