Throwback Classic: California producer Merakai reminds us what true Hip-Hop sounds like on impressive debut track ‘Knighted’ (feat. Skyzoo, Hype and Chinch 33)

After tirelessly working on his debut EP for over a year and a half, Merakai shows us the fruits of this labor intensive process with his top tier first track named ‘Knighted(feat. Skyzoo, Hype and Chinch 33).

Jorge aka Merakai, is a California-based Hip-Hop music producer who cleverly gets a variety of top notch underground artists to join him on his well-produced tracks.

Featuring an all-star lineup and outstanding samples so dope you might need to turn this up even louder, you feel like you have fallen back into the peak 90’s when Hip-Hop seemed to be at its purest form. The ambiance takes you to three-point places – that has you swooshing up with those smartly-penned metaphors – that seem to be missing from most radio playlists for some mystifying reason.

I just dropped my first singe featuring underground legend Skyzoo and up-and-coming rapper Hype. The song is produced by me and features scratches from the talented Chinch 33. The song is a throwback to classic NY underground Boom Bap like DJ Premier, Apollo Brown, etc.” ~ Merakai

Knighted(feat. Skyzoo, Hype and Chinch 33) from the well-respected California-based music producer Merakai, is that upper echelon track that has you bouncing your head like it was the good days. There is so much to love about a world class track with that extra punch, that slides into your atmospheric lens and leaves that sweet taste in your ravenous palate.

This is easily one of the best Hip-Hop tracks you will hear in 2021, as its just filled with that natural flow, classic samples and incredibly tasty production. Just the way we like it right?

Hear this brand new track on Spotify and see more on the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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