Thrice Authentic – 1lb. 15oz: Boundless Hip Hop

1lb. 15oz. by Thrice Authentic

There aren’t many Hip Hop artists brave enough to rap about premature babies. Yet MC Thrice Authentic does it in a way that won’t pull at your heart strings, no, he does it in his signature style of pure aggression through harsh, and resonant Hip Hop Rap styling for a truly remarkable experience that no other Rap artist can master. You can sense his playful experimentation with his vernacular mixed in with his raw obsession to test the boundaries of the genre.

The underground Californian artist has a mission to dominate the landscape of Hip Hop by any means necessary, and if his track 1lb. 15oz. is anything to go by, the scene will become his play thing in no time. At 2:23 minutes long, the track is short, but the essence behind the music will stay with you long after it’s faded out. The track narrates the story of how he was introduced to the world with his premature start. It’s an undeniably sensitive subject which he masters with subsequent ease.

1lb. 15oz. is available to download via Bandcamp using the link below:

Head on over to Thrice Authentic’s website for more information on upcoming tours and releases:

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