They Wanna Be Her: Rising Hartlepool sister duo Khalysis drop dazzling new single ‘Diablo’

With a heart-warming sound that has your body moving and grooving like it was 2019, Khalysis tell us the story of that gorgeous girl who heats up the room like a sauna on ‘Diablo‘.

Khalysis (Formerly LIV’n’G) is a supremely talented all-sister tropical pop duo from cozy Hartlepool in England. They are formed by Olivia Crawford and Georgia Fletcher, who make that fun party music which makes you dance all night long.

The honey coated beat has your eyes and ears sparked to attention — as you get those dance shoes onto your eager feet — to dust off those moves you missed so much through these strange times. Her vocals are calming and natural, swirling into your mind as you start to smile, as this is the type of song you just want to turn up loud.

This is the story of having your heart sprung to attention, as that one person has the power to get everyone to change what they were doing and to glance cheekily in their direction.

Diablo‘ from the stunning singer-songwriter sister duo Khalysis (ca-LEE-sis), is a terrific track with so much potential as you remember sliding to this type of tune in the local club. This is the story about that gorgeous girl who makes everyone’s jaw drop — as she drifts into the room with a cheeky smile — and causes the medics to arrive quickly, from too many people fainting on the ground.

Stream this fresh new song on Spotify and check out their IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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