They Don’t Care: London’s Filippo Bones calls for us to be united on the soulful ‘Broken Bones’

After a long and often painstaking journey to finally get this track released out to the awaiting world, Filippo Bones confidently shatters down the formally formidable fences that were holding him back on the passionate ‘Broken Bones‘.

Filippo Bones is an uplifting Tottenham, London-based indie pop singer-songwriter. He makes that joining-up together music that encourages others to hold on tight, join arms together, and make sure that your dreams are certainly fulfilled no what others say or do to slow you down.

This is the true story about ignoring the lies that are on tv — as this is the inspiring loud call to hold hands and to be in the moment — to come up with solutions rather than doing nothing, is sung with such encouraging vibrations. He is tired of the rubbish being said that is only holding back his friends, himself and complete strangers, who deserve better.

He sings with such a likable style — as you follow his story and groove with the energy that has been transmitted into the earths core — with a determined look on his face, and a skip in his step. Nothing seems to get him down too much and this is reflected into his captivating vocals. which sweeps away the negative and brings in only positive thoughts.

Broken Bones‘ from the inspiring London-based pop singer-songwriter Filippo Bones, plasters over our sore ligaments to present us a song that is high in quality and full of pure energy. Just what we all needed.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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