They Come Back In The Night: Eutaw drops highly imaginative 80’s synth single ‘Cut You Open’

After starting his music career by making creatively original tunes from the dusty closet, Eutaw shows us cunning evolution with his latest single all about that freaky recurring dream of blood-spilling nightmares with ‘Cut You Open‘.

Isaiah Fluharty aka Eutaw, is an 80’s synth solo artist who is genre-less and also makes music from indie rock to emo rap, as his creative juices only flow tastier throughout time.

It tells the story of a girl who is stuck in a recurring dream where she kills her friends and must cut her hands off as punishment. The perspective is from that of her lover.” ~ Eutaw

His style changes up all the time like a pair of gloves that needs to be changed to keep those hands clean, but somehow the quality remains the same throughout which is ultimately quite remarkable.

With a finger clicking beat and a slicing-the-bones story that would be fit for a horror movie, this is a terrific track that shall have you sharing gleefully with all your spooky-loving mates.

Cut You Open‘ from the outstandingly humble multi-creative solo artist Eutaw, is a highly entertaining track which has been dropped just before fan-favorite Halloween. He sings with a sharp knife-like energy with stupendously gripping vocals that has you looking around – to see if it is indeed real- as you get wholeheartedly immersed in this hand-gripping new single. Your heart might beat a beat faster after this one.

Hear this brand new gem on Spotify and see more from this quality artist via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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