They are missing out: Jennifer Msumba blossoms beautifully on indie-pop single ‘Wrong Kind of Pretty’

Jennifer Msumba- The Album by Jennifer Msumba

With a sad story about caring for someone that doesn’t feel the same, the inspirational Jennifer Msumba is back with her latest single called ‘Wrong Kind of Pretty‘.

Wauchula, Florida-based autistic indie-pop singer-songwriter, award winning filmmaker and thriving YouTuber Jennifer Msumba, is that special kind of soul who makes music to shed light on the autism spectrum, and to show that you can have a successful life doing what you love. She makes that blend of music that brings joy to your heart, with stories about following your dreams, having fun and love.

“Music has always been where I go to express myself when I couldn’t any other way. I think we all are connected through our emotions even if our experiences are very different. I hope my music finds its way to those who need it.” – Jennifer Msumba

Her voice is so pure and glows in your speakers as her sunflower attitude blossoms free, her confidence soaring all the time and she sings with such freedom and love.

Wrong Kind of Pretty‘ from the incredible talent of Jennifer Msumba, is that heartbreaking story that so many of us will relate to. You have strong feelings for a person you think so much of, but sadly they keep on looking at someone else to leave you feeling down.

Sometimes you think it will work out and you are so sure of it, you would bet your house on this happening. The only way to face this moment, is to move on and find someone that looks at you with that goofy smile, the same one that you look at them with.

Stream this sweet song on Bandcamp and see more on her inspiring IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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