These Days Are Longer: Brussels-based indie rock band Basement Low End control their destiny with inspiring debut ‘When is Tomorrow’

Taken off their brilliant eleven-track debut album, Basement Low End ask us the vital question of ‘When is Tomorrow‘.

Recently formed Brussels-based indie rock band Basement Low End, make that edgy soundscape that has been born from playing underground during this horrific pandemic – for it to now be heard online and soon on stage – where the real artists cut their teeth and make a name for themselves.

”We started off with two friends, Kieran and Loïc, making a lot of noise in a basement. After months of playing together, the duo slowly turned into a four-piece with Chase on bass and Thomas on guitar, and gradually moved out of the basement.”- Basement Low End

Their chords mesh beautifully as one, you feel the hard work and sweaty nights to master their chosen craft as their music lifts you into a different planet, within ever sinew of your body.

When is Tomorrow‘ from excellent Belgium indie rockers Basement Low End, gives you chills down your happy spine as you wonder when better days are ahead of you. Luckily breathtaking music like this – helps the gloomy mood transform in a brighter one – when you suddenly realize that you control your attitude and can achieve anything you set your mind to conquering.

Hear this top track on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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