Them Fantasies – Nothing But the Screen: The Energetic Alt Rock Evolution of Shoegaze

With their single “Nothing But the Screen” the Alt Rock trio Them Fantasies didn’t fail to create a track which resonated with melancholic poignancy. We can’t be sure if they had the intention of creating a tear-jerker, but if you’re having a delicate day, you better grab the tissues before you hit play.

Straight from the haunting atmospherics of the prelude you are captivated in the compelling layers of gentle guitar progressions which introduce the morosely indulgent vocals which pull you further into the soundscape.

With the progressive single they steadily amplified the energy which is being poured into Nothing But the Screen, you’re led up to cutting guitars, primal drum beats and reverberant effects which will enamour any fans of Shoegaze. Yet, the vocals never bleed into the instrumental layers, they maintain their power throughout the mix with the same striking energy as you would hear from Radiohead with the vocal power of bands such as Incubus and Blue October.

You can check out Nothing But the Screen for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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