The UK’s Most Promising New Hip Hop artist ZVK Drops His Latest Single “Flowchild”

“Flowchild” is the recently released single from the Hip Hop artist ZVK who combines lyrical ingenuity with an easy, effortless yet magnetic versing style. Any fans of George the Poet or Kate the Tempest are sure to appreciate the intellectual feel to the single which stands as a testament to his intellect which is instantly perceptible from the first verse.

The UK-based artist utilised his classical piano schooling, deep introspection, and ability to lay down a compelling urban soundscape with Flowchild. Each aspect of the flawlessly grounding instrumental arrangement allows the lyrics behind Flowchild to hit that little bit harder. You’d struggle to find a more sobering single from an up and coming artist who knows just how to hook you into the verses and keep your attention until long after the track has faded out.

You can check out ZVK’s single Flowchild for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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