The time is now: ‘Ready to Go’ is young rapper Jackson Ace’s statement of intent

New rapper Jackson Ace throws out the school books and turns his attention to that real paper on debut demo Hip Hop track ‘Ready to Go’. After deciding to leave school for a full time music career, failure is not an option.

He raps fire throughout and you can feel his passion and desire that is clear via the fiery lyrical delivery and breathtaking bars. The start catches your attention as the classic sample brings you back to that classic Hip Hop. His style is raw and edgy as he finds his style and vocal output through experience. This is that new school rap music that has elements of the legends before him as this mixes these fusions into a welcome fresh sound.

This is the story of being ready for anything that creeps into the door as you are ready with a barrage of rhymes and stories to be that true storyteller that everyone looks up to. It will be fascinating to see how he evolves and what kind of musician he ultimately wants to be. He could either got the new school route of be that young emcee that adds in that classic feel, with his own twist of course. It’s all about being original after all.

Ready to Go’ by  Jackson Ace is the royal flush demo to build from and this is the step up to gain traction in this often fickle genre, that can make you feeling fresh and relevant one day and then washed out the next day. If she can stay focused and work out the end goals, he will be ready for anything.

Hear the new demo track on YouTube & Spotify and see how his music career goes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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