The Theory – River: Organically Americana-Inspired Blues Rock

River is just one of the sensational tracks from the debut EP of Northern California Alt Indie Rock artists the Theory. Their Americana Blues-inspired rhythms won’t fail to leave you in a state of cathartic aural appreciation as you listen to their unadulterated, organic soundscapes unravel.

Whilst the instrumentals to River may not be high-octane, the emotion on offer from the vocals and the lyrics most certainly is. There was a sultry, swampy, bluesy tone to River both instrumentally and vocally that didn’t fail to resonate, as for the chorus- if you find a way to get that out of your head, please let me know how. The rolling rhythms are just the cherry on the cake when it comes the Theory’s acoustically angelic style of nostalgia.

The powerhouse of artists are set on revitalising the essence and foundation of music, I’d say after listening to River that the mission is already accomplished. I’d love to see what else they can achieve following the debut of this timelessly golden classic.

You can check out the Theory’s latest single along with the rest of their 2018 EP ‘Before I Begin’ by heading over to Spotify now, and yes, each track is as stunning as River.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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