The Surrge – Paranoid: A Debut of Resonantly Fresh Trap

Up and coming Hip Hop artist The Surrge kicked off 2020 by releasing their hook-filled debut Trap mix “Paranoid”. And debuts don’t come much more promising than this.

Just try staying still while listening to the synergy between the light and melodic beats and The Surrge’s clean magnetic vocals.

Paranoia is an emotion which we all undoubtedly feel. Yet, it’s incredibly stigmatised. With Paranoid, The Surrge strips away the stigma and offers an olive branch of resonance. Perceptibly, nothing stood in the way of their expression with this fiery groove-deep polished mix. The Surrge went full-frontal with their emotion in both the lyrics and the energetic authentic versing of them.

If you put any Trap artists on your radar this year, make it The Surrge.

You can check out Paranoid for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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