The sun will come tomorrow: Jacob’s Blue is truly magnificent on ‘Two Yellow Birds’

Taken off his debut seven-track album ‘Born in the Sunset: Thoughts to Oasis‘, ‘Two Yellow Birds‘, is the introspective new single about getting better each day after a tough breakup from Jacob’s Blue.

Flushing, New York native and humble indie-folk/lo-fi soul singer-songwriter Jacob’s Blue makes such remarkable music, that is truly meaningful and his overriding goal is to inspire his listeners with a genuine sound- that lathers our anxious hearts with true goodness.

This is the memorable story of how a breakup is so intensely hard on the very fabric of your inner soul. It feels like you have just been slapped in the face by wayward umbrella on a rainy day while out walking in the city to clear your head, Then right after that, a speeding car drives past, splashing you with a mist of water from the passing puddle. You feel like things can’t get much worse and you question everything, Your lover doesn’t care about you like they used to or did they ever truly really love you anyway. So many thoughts come crashing in your mind and you need to find perspective. Luckily, music heals all.

His passionate voice echoes so sweetly over the lovely lo-fi energy force field that readily transmits a special frequency that is quite electric and you sit back to take it all in. This is an artist who paints his picture through soundscapes in our mind- his storytelling is simple, honest yet deeply enchanting to the curious ear. You feel his pain and wonder what really happened on that fateful day and why this all transpired.

Two Yellow Birds‘ from the mysteriously brilliant indie-folk/lo-fi singer-songwriter Jacob’s Blue is a fascinating journey through the realization that life isn’t fair sometimes but tomorrow will be a better day.

The birds will be in the trees tomorrow chirping away and ultimately, its our choice to either be positive or be down in the dumps. This is a quality musician who chooses to make truly inspirational music that is absolutely authentic and pure. Mama taught him well.

Stream this wonderful song on Soundcloud and see his journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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