The Star Prairie Project – Steady As She Goes: Americana for the masses

Steady As She Goes sounds like a laid-back track you’d play while driving with one hand on the wheel of a classic car as your right arm hangs loosely out of a freshly unwound window. There is no visible traffic, people or worldly distractions, just an air of peace and serenity that makes you feel present in past memories.

The Star Prairie Project are like comfort food. They write accessible songs using words that feel familiar even when you first hear them. No matter if you’re a fan of their genre, which is traditional Americana, listening to this piece of music will make you feel calm like you’re in touch with all your future and former selves.

If you can, take these four minutes, pour that perfect beverage into your chosen receptacle, and let yourself be transported away on an internal roadtrip. Nolan Chew JR & Rick J. Vogelpohl are responsible for crafting a single that can be played on repeat without ever outstaying its welcome.

This song is an aural delight for those seeking company on long, lonely nights or during days you’d rather be somewhere else. If you take a chance on this track, you can take temporary leave of this world and find an ally in its simple sincerity.

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Review By Lisa Knight

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