The Shop Window have released their ensnaring epiphany-driven Jangle Pop debut “Mannequin Lies”

Now that listening to the Smiths is a bitter-sweet experience, there’s no better time to check out up and coming Indie Jangle Pop acts such as The Shop Window.

The dreamy melodic layers in their debut single “Mannequin Lies” offers the same timelessly enamouring euphoria which has had Indie fans hooked since the glory days of the Stone Roses. But there’s more than just aural nostalgia on offer. There’s a brand-new contemporary resonance in Mannequin Lies.

Lyrically, it is is a metaphorical masterpiece. The debut single was inspired by the concept of facades and how we showcase the most attractive parts of ourselves whilst keeping the dark thoughts, anxiety, and perceived weaknesses in the back. The poetic parallels are one thing, the way the track compels you to let people in is quite another.

It’s one of those tragically rare singles which gets better with each hit.

You can check out Mannequin Lies for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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