The Ringards – Stay Where You Stand: Post Punk’s Most Alchemic Reinvention So Far

Every time I hear a new track which has been created to assimilate a former sound and fit neatly in a genre it wouldn’t be overly dramatic to say that a little bit of my optimism for the future of the music industry dies.

Thankfully, then there are artists such as the Ringards creating delectable smorgasbords of sounds and experimenting with elements and energies in an act of pure aural alchemy. The Hackney, London based newcomers may be fresh from their inception, yet, perceptibly this has no impact on their already matured stylistic take on Indie.

Their latest single “Stay Where You Stand” combines the atmospherics of Post Punk with jauntier choruses which you can’t help getting swept up within. While many artists try to be as experimental and as outlandish as they can possibly be, that’s perceptibly not the case when it comes to the Ringards; you can practically sense the catharsis which came from pulling the soundscape together in Stay Where You Stand.

You can check out Stay Where You Stand for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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