The Ragged Few – You Better Run: A Rugged Revival of Acoustic Americana

As soon as I hit play on the Ragged Few’s latest single You Better Run I was reminded of a simpler time, when sound was sonorous without any effects, reverb, or general plasticity. Instead You Better Run celebrates the roots of the sound with infinite respect to the idols that proceeded the Folk Acoustic Americana band from Kansas City, US. The contemporary twist to the timeless Americana sound is sure to go down a treat with pretty much every Folk aficionado who is lucky enough to stumble across it. The angular instrumentals create an ethereally lifting sensations whilst the Ragged Few’s vocalist provides some low down and dirty raucous rock synergy through the mic. The smack of the double bass, the twang of the mandolin and the soar of the fiddle create one of the most glorious cacophonies of crooning Rock n Roll your ears have been treated to in a long time.

If that all sounds up your street head on over to SoundCloud where you can check out the Ragged Few’s March 2018 release You Better Run

To download music from the Ragged Few head on over to their website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



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