The Provisioners – Halcyonic: Romantically Raucous Indie Rock

It’s mellow, it’s sexy, it’s rhythmic; what more could you ask from an Indie Pop Rock anthem? The Provisioners created a storm of a soundscape with their latest single Halyconic. It’s the perfect track to ingest if you’re looking for something romantically raucous yet pensive. The Provisioners vocalist laid down his lyrics that I wouldn’t be surprised if they brought with them a significant piece of his soul. There aren’t enough flowery words in the world to depict just how cathartic and beautiful Halyconic is. Then there’s the guitars, my God, the guitar solos, which seem to stretch on endlessly, as you catch onto each note hoping that it won’t be the last. With a slightly extended track duration the Provisioners created a progressively enthralling which is an absolute pleasure to get caught up with. It takes a lot to move me in the way the Provisioners did.

You can be overwhelmed by the Provisioners latest single which was released May 2018 by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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