The one that got away: Alt-Pop Rockers da22 drop the catchy but sad new single ‘Gone Cold’

After they came up with their band name due to a misheard lyric, Dead At Twenty Two aka da22 flow in like a winters day at the local water-park with their brand new pop track ‘Gone Cold‘.

The 80’s type intro is a fresh wave of atmospheric air that flows in through the door of a love that was once so strong but went chilly like the back of a refrigerated truck. This is the story of how you felt the extra beating blood flow from the hungry heart, things were so sweet but then it ended really quickly and you wished you could of changed it. Sometimes things happen for a reason however the deep love will always be there even though you might be forever in the friend-zone.

His voice is so smooth and filters out all of the outside noise on this love story. You can feel his passion and he wants that special soul so badly but he left her for too long, and she moved on. This is a true story about how love can sometime fizzle out and its a constant struggle if you try and force things. Sometime its best to move on and find a new fish that wants to swim with you in the sea.

With a fresh sound and a lyrics that make you reminisce about that lost love, this is a sterling effort from da22 on ‘Gone Cold‘ and this is a song that captures your imagination and makes you sing along. This is a band that have a style that ensures that they will be added to many playlists, during this usually romantic time of year.

Stream this fresh new track via Soundcloud and see the journey on Twitter and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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