The next meal: Missouri’s Brian Bulger recalls those tough times in stricken poverty through classic Tracy Chapman cover of ‘Fast Car’

Staying true to his roots through this reflective gem, Brian Bulger takes us emotionally back to when life was a struggle to survive growing up on ‘Fast Car’.

Brian Bulger is a compassionate father, proud bald man and excellent indie singer-songwriter from Springfield, Missouri, who sings about those harsh experiences he had while growing up, not knowing where his next meal was coming from and how it hasn’t defined him. He speaks out about issues he has seen firsthand and strives to help others to get out of that world, through his splendid self-reflective soundscapes.

You feel his gloriously raspy voice that hugs your hungry heart and feeds your soul with that warm energy that is so welcoming. He lifts your mood and puts you into an introspective space that has a few tears sliding down your cheek, you feel desperately sad for those that have to go through so much pain, just to live in this often-selfish world.

Fast Car’ from the inspiring Springfield, Missouri indie folk-songwriter Brian Bulger, is a splendid song that is sung with so much poise and meaning through the lens of a man that has been through all the ups and downs imaginable. He performs a stunning remix to a song from the legend Tracy Chapman, that has helped so many get through the bad times and lift them up to see above the clouds, while never forgetting where you came from.

Staying humble and remembering that there are others just like you battling as we speak just to have a decent meal, puts everything into perspective when you don’t think you have enough, but actually have a lot. We can all be someone after all, no matter where we are from.

Hear this fantastic song on Spotify and see more from his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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