The Naddiks – Let Go: Garage Punk with a Poignant Lyrical Punch

Remember when alternative music had that raw, unrestrained, untainted energy behind it?

You may have to think back to the glory days of Alt Rock when Rancid and the Offspring reigned supreme. Yet, for a contemporary hit of the infectious chugging melodies and raucous expression, the Naddiks have released their latest single “Let Go”. With a slight hint of Punk to the vocals you can taste the chaos in the composition whilst the instrumentals take care of the tight and scuzzy melodies with a fair few soaring guitar riffs thrown into the mix as the cherry on the cake. Despite the hard-hitting delivery of Let Go, the Naddiks poignantly penned the lyrics to express the importance of letting go of the small things in life and trusting in the powers that lie outside of ourselves.

You can check out The Naddiks’ latest single Let Go for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud. Good luck getting the angsty sticky-sweet melody out of your head.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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