The Million Reasons – Dizzy: Aurally Alchemic Guitar-Driven Prog Rock

The latest single by the Million Reasons, draws you in with a dulcetly sweet prelude, setting you up for a sensually paced guitar-driven Rock hit which any fans of Incubus will absolutely adore. Reminiscence between the vocalists is so stark, yet the instrumentals couldn’t be anymore different. Within their sound, they treat you to an infusion of high-octane, hard hitting groove which adds to the raucous momentum of the track allowing the soundscape to explore a myriad of intertwining melodies. The slightly extended Prog Rock track treats you to some intricately astounding instrumental breakdowns which the chord progression of the guitars seem to seamlessly slide through. You could almost accuse the guitarist responsible for that blinding riff of showing off just a little.

With influences such as Queen, The Beatles, Rolling Stones as Rush, it’s really no surprise that the Chicago based 4-piece powerhouse carry a sound that any self-respecting audiophile couldn’t possibly stick their noses up at.

You can check out Dizzy by the Million Reasons from July 13th, head on over to Spotify now to add the track to your library.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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